Fraud and Asset Tracing

Fraud, Asset Tracing, Freezing and Recovery

The Fraud and Asset Tracing team at Legal Informations Solicitors offers legal solutions in relation to investigations and disputes arising from commercial fraud, asset misappropriation and business or white collar crime.

Fraud and Asset Tracing – Legal Advice and Representation

Our Hong Kong lawyers are regularly involved in complex, high-value commercial disputes. Our practitioners are recognised for their ability to deal with domestic and multi-jurisdictional fraud, asset tracing and recovery exercises. As an independent Hong Kong law firm, we have close relationships with leading practitioners in many other jurisdictions. We are frequently instructed by international law firms and other professional service providers such as major accountancy firms to coordinate and manage recovery teams in Asia as a part of a worldwide recovery.

Fraud and Asset Tracing – Our Legal Services

We provide legal services relating to fraud and other commercial crimes in matters involving allegations of financial fraud, theft, money laundering and related crimes. The Firm is also experience in providing legal services relating to the investigation of public corruption, bribery and foreign corrupt practices in Hong Kong and overseas.

  • Tracing, freezing and recovering stolen or misappropriated assets
  • Anton Piller "search and seize" orders
  • Mareva "freezing" injunctions
  • Third party and disclosure orders
  • Forensic investigations relating to corporate or public corruption
  • Suspicious Transaction Reporting (STR)

In addition we help clients manage and reduce risk by offering customised fraud prevention programmes, compliance training and assistance in mitigation of loss and damage resulting from fraud and related issues. We have established helpful contacts in relevant regulatory and law enforcement agencies. We are the duly appointed representative of FraudNet, a global network of asset recovery specialists organised under the International Chamber of Commerce's commercial crime services secretariat in London.

Fraud and Asset Tracing – Our Approach to Legal Advice

Legal Informations's lawyers aim to provide practical and commercial advice, acting with urgency and discretion in accordance with clients' needs and preferences. Our team of Fraud and Asset Tracing specialists works closely with clients, engineering options to reach desired results, most often under high levels of pressure and within tight time frames.

Legal Informations Solicitors has well developed relationships with overseas professional services providers, including offshore law firms, accountants and tax advisers. This international network of experts is easily accessible by our lawyers ensuring clients receive comprehensive advice that is tailored to their circumstances.